More details about Michael Kelly are given in the 'Prologue' chapter accessed from the chapters listed in the book on-line page.

Michael Kelly would be pleased to hear from anyone with comments and suggestions about the book or the spreadsheets and about mortgages generally, but he is unable to advise individuals about their personal situations.

His email address is

"In My Opinion..."

Michael Kelly has written another book called "In my opinion..." which is designed to be a kind of pocket atlas for life's journey.  See the current contents summary by clicking see contents.

The complete book can be freely downloaded as an acrobat pdf file (only about 1 megabyte) and by clicking download book.

The book is in A5 format.  To print it resized for A4 paper, change your printer property layout by ticking "Scale to fit" and selecting A5.

You can also Download a free, fast PDF Reader from Foxit which is smaller & faster than the standard Adobe reader.

Finally a Microsoft Reader version for hand held PDAs is freely available here.

Any comments or alternative opinions will be welcome - use the e-mail address above.

It is also available on the Kindle Store.