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First published 13th July 2000

Mortgages Exposed - in  Adobe Acrobat format (pdf) (Approx 1 MByte)  Amended periodically

Download a free, fast PDF reader from Foxit (Approx 1 MByte) - needed for the above - which is smaller & faster than the Adobe reader.

Download free Acrobat reader If you do not already have it, or do not have the Foxit reader).

Accompanying spreadsheets in Excel format (Approx 1 MByte self extracting .exe file. If you are worried about security (although it is safe)- use the .zip version below)
Updated regularly

Accompanying spreadsheets in Excel format (Approx 1 MByte normal zip file)
Updated regularly

In My Opinion... (Approx 1 MByte - A book for general reading)
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